TUG Creative Mode

Creative Mode

Dig, build, craft, test, and control all aspects of the world. This single and multiplayer mode lets you unleash your creativity on the world of TUG as you manipulate the terrain and explore the near-infinite procedurally generated landscape!

  • TUG Creative mode
  • TUG Creative mode
  • TUG Creative mode
  • TUG Creative mode
TUG Survival Games

Survival Games

Spawn on a small multiplayer map and race to scavenge resources, craft weapons, and fight it out to the last Seed standing. TUG's multiplayer PVP arena mode lets you test your strength, wit, and skills against your fellow Seeds!

  • TUG Survival mode
  • TUG Survival mode
  • TUG Survival mode
  • TUG Survival mode


Every penny earned during Alpha and Beta goes directly back into TUG’s development. We are as invested in this project as our players are, and we will continue to regularly add new content and systems as long as our community remains interested. The game is currently in Alpha and the purchase price is lower than it will be once we reach Beta.

  • Multiplayer. Host your own dedicated servers or host a game session from in-game!

  • 13 procedurally generated biomes that vary from forests to deserts, including complex cave systems. Many more to come!

  • Scavenge resources to craft crude tools and weapons.

  • Combat. Honestly, not so great yet. But it's a work in progress! It'll be cool soon, we promise!

  • Not QUITE infinite world, but roughly the size of the surface of the sun, NBD.

  • Create your own maps to share and build with friends!

  • Upcoming: Feed your Seed! Scavenge fruits and berries from various plants and eat them to survive. Don't let your Seedling starve!

  • Upcoming: Water!

  • Upcoming: Logic systems, including programmable "magic" abilities and effects, traps, companions, and more!

  • Upcoming: More building tools, like terrain smoothing and shape variations!

  • Upcoming: Creatures to hunt, ride, tame, or run for dear life from!

  • Upcoming: Ranked matches and dedicated servers!

  • Upcoming: Dynamic combat inspired by such games as Monster Hunter and Skyrim.

  • Upcoming: Physics-based projectile weapons to throw at people's faces!

  • Upcoming: Pets and companions, including Golems you can build and program!

  • Upcoming: Dungeons, for teh epic loots!

  • Upcoming: Full Lua script integration for more robust modding!

  • Upcoming: More crafting and recipe variations, as well as traps and armor!

  • Upcoming: Characters that physically change and grow as a result of how you play them! Eat too much and become heavy, run great distances and become lean, or swing heavy weapons and watch your muscles grow over time!

  • Upcoming: Skill and health system based on your Seed's actions. The more you do something, the better you'll get at it.



About Nerd Kingdom

Nerd Kingdom is a collaboriate of social scientists, economists, artists, and developers exploring new frontiers in technology and design. We are working together to create a next-generation open-world multiplayer sandbox RPG called TUG (The Untitled Game) based on our ongoing sociology and behavioral science research of player interactions within virtual worlds.

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