A deep fantasy world with its own science, technology, logic & mythos.

The world's narrative is a major facet of design for TUG, offering subtle guidance and insight into the workings of the world. Offering a sense of place, and allowing players to come to their own conclusions of how and why things work, can result in a very different perspective and path for each person.

To us, a sandbox is more than just a world without direction, it's an overarching reality, that gives the players a sense of place. And because of this, we balance all of our decisions against this world's logic, and the demeanor of the things within that world.

A culmination of things that collectively drive, and inspire us.

Anime, Games, Toys, Art, Science, and History, we are creating something that is an extension of the things that we geek out about every day. What we build and experiment with is a result of hours or days of dialog pushing and pulling one another with insights from the nerdy, to the philosophical.

A mod in and of itself.

We think about the modding in every choice we make in our technology, as well as with design. TUG is only a mod sitting on a layer of the engine, making changes very easy for any user, regardless of technical prowess. This is a framework for something big, with lots of very intentional holes, waiting for a new potential developer to fill it with their own ideas and share it with the world. Those ideas have the potential to change what TUG is, or change how Nerd Kingdom thinks.

A modder is more than just a hobbyist. They are the future of the industry, and potentially untapped brilliance, unrestricted by the habits and insights of the commercial space. We look to do everything we can to empower, and compensate those creators, as they are responsible for hundreds of hours of enjoyment by others, and potentially the newest members of our team.

A particle collider of society, culture, and creativity.

Understanding what players are doing by what they are screaming about in forums just isn't good enough. What we say and what we do is often inconsistent, and it's sometimes hard to articulate ourselves, or even be aware of the options of what could make things better. For this reason, data drives us, and it makes things better.

Instead of guessing at what is or is not fun, we can get a lot of unique insights into what our players enjoy, and create lots of incremental changes around those understandings, utilizing some powerful analytical tools. Taking that several steps further, sharing that information with the community, and those tools with other modders, has the potential to change the way we see ourselves, and how modders see their own communities.
And if you are uncomfortable with these sorts of things, there are lots of ways to play that can let you stay completely off the grid.

A community of creators, players,
researchers and developers.

As much as our own team is a collective of engineers, scientists, artists, and designers, our community is also an extension of these things. TUG, as a platform, is intended to be a flat community, allowing people to share their work, exchange ideas, and create experiences of their own

A continuous experiment in play.

As a platform, TUG is an opportunity for us to continuously play, and interact with our community in meaningful ways. From open forums and mod jams, to random community play sessions or late night experimental runs on seemingly outrageous research projects, everything we do, has the potential to make things easier, and more fun.

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A look at TUG

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If you are interested in staying up to date on some of our more technical and short-term stuff, check out our Trello development board, join the community on our forums, or check the community-run TUG wiki.

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